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Thank you for your interest in “Love Returned” from the upcoming release Paramount: The Symphony Sessions. We are excited to bring you Calvin’s new power ballad featuring the vocals of Lance Edward and Shauna Chanda. “Love Returned” has an amazing story. Its genesis came from a dream that Calvin woke up with on a Sunday morning (that he somehow remembered!), and before heading to church, quickly recorded it on his keyboard. From there it has undergone many revisions, recording sessions with orchestras, sessions with different vocalists – and by the end of this process became a duet!

Rick Allison, the producer of Lara Fabian’s “Adagio” is co-producer and creates his power grooves that propel “Love Returned”. All of this time and energy comes together to create an evergreen hit for all those who’ve taken a fall at one time or another in their lives. :)

Please find links below to the wave and MP3 files.

Love Returned 16/44.1 ~65 Mb

Love Returned MP3 ~10 Mb

For more information on Calvin’s escape from Ukraine during the first days of the Russian invasion see the articles in the linktree below

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