Portfolio / Film Scores

  • After The Conquest Calvin Jones

    After The Conquest

    “After The Conquest: A dedication to the Heroes of Ukraine” is the second single from Paramount: The Symphony Sessions, originally composed and arranged by Calvin Jones for the award winning documentary “Little Town Of Bethlehem”….

  • History Of Easter Trailer

    MOTB Trailer

    Trailer for Museum of the Bible’s “History of Easter”  Director: Jim Hanon, Music: “Ascent” © Calvin Jones for Personal Records 2021.

  • “Rattling” (Cover) arr. & produced by Calvin

    A cinematic cover of Elevation Worship’s “RATTLE!” with Melody Joy Cloud for the Museum of the Bible’s 1-hour documentary “The History of Easter.”  Music video version.   A film by Jim Hanon of Minus Red –…

  • Calvin Jones Grand Living

    Grand Living – Celtic Joy

    Brand Elevation for Grand Living – 60 second “Celtic Joy” by Calvin Jones – from the release Paramount: The Symphony Sessions. Orchestration: Nur Omurbaev, Calvin Jones and Evgenii Braga. Recorded with the Kiev Virtuosos Orchestra.

  • 2016

    Special edit featuring the music for the feature documentary “2016”, the 2nd highest grossing documentary in history.   Edit:   Jim Hanon   Soundtrack:   Calvin Jones   Mix Engineer:   Alan Harper

  • OLTB – Pilot’s Letter

    From the chapter “Pilot’s Letter” of the documentary Little Town of Bethlehem  Director:   Jim Hanon   Soundtrack:   Calvin Jones

  • ETEN

    Every Tribe Every Nation Project – Vision Film    Director:   Jim Hanon    Soundtrack:    Calvin Jones

  • The Letter

    The Letter is a project of the film school Jim Hanon taught in Perm Siberia.   This year they did the vision film for “House of Hope” in Perm.   Director:   Jim Hanon  …

  • Life Athletes

    Vision film for Life Athletes.   Director:   Jim Hanon   Soundtrack:   Calvin Jones

  • Heritage

    “Bobby” is a film for the Heritage Foundation advocating private charitable giving.  Director:   Jim Hanon   Soundtrack:   Calvin Jones

  • AMERICA – Teaser Trailer

    Teaser Trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s AMERICA. Produced by Gerald Molen (“Schindler’s List, “Jurassic Park”) Trailer music by Calvin Jones.