International recording artist and composer Calvin Jones is known as the author of celebrated compositions and soundtracks for record setting movies and as a worldwide performer who has released 5 albums of solo piano and instrumental compositions on Sony Records plus his latest album of original symphonic works.

As with many artists, Calvin’s first exposure to music was in the church. The son of a minister, Calvin had many opportunities to use his talents and found early on that piano was his instrument. The predictability of traditional hymnology was a challenge for Calvin as he realized his aptitude for improvisation. In retrospect, one of his main inspirations turned out to be what many may consider humorous. On his twelfth birthday, his sister brought home that musical classic, “The Fifth of Beethoven.” There was one hitch however. It was a disco version by the 5th Dimension. It took only a week for Calvin to master but it was the beginning of a new perspective for Calvin regarding classical music. The rhythms and syncopations especially attracted Calvin. His classical training was a great foundation but he approached the pieces with energy and emotion uniquely his own.

Throughout his high school and college experience, Calvin was involved in the typical opportunities such as swing choir, stage band and musicals. Yet it was the lyrical quality of his interpretations that drew many of his friends to his playing often asking where he got his arrangements only to find they were self composed.

Attending college on a musical scholarship, Calvin continued to study composition. Oddly enough he ended his college classes with a major in economics which has proved invaluable in the development of his musical career. Calvin started his own record company called Personal Records and managed to sign with City of Peace Records/Sony Music for distribution worldwide. The college atmosphere proved to be just what Calvin needed in the creative area. His compositional sense matured as well as the picturesque melodies that have now become his trademark.

During his junior year, Calvin recorded and released his debut album Through High Places. On the heels of this Calvin won a competition to showcase at the NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) national convention out of some 700 entries from across the United States, Calvin performed and toured throughout the 50 states of America at colleges and universities everywhere receiving much acclaim and establishing a loyal fan base.

During his career, Calvin has been blessed to be part of some amazing projects. In 2011 Calvin was asked to mentor Teresa Scanlan (Miss Nebraska) on performing his composition “Whitewater Chopped Sticks” (“WWCS”). Teresa took the Miss America 2011 crown performing Calvin’s hit (“WWCS”) for some 14 million viewers on ABC TV. “WWCS” has been performed by many pageant contestants who’ve won their state pageants including Miss California, Miss D.C., Miss Ohio among others.

“WWCS” has even been arranged for handbells and has been performed by advanced handbell choirs including the Mormon Tabernacle “Bells on Temple Square“.

Calvin has been asked to score for different advertisement and film projects including Fortune 500 companies such as “Hallmark” and “McDonald’s”. One of those invitations resulted in Calvin writing the soundtrack for “2016” the second highest grossing documentary film of all time (grossing $33 million at the box office) produced by Gerald Molen (“Schindler’s List”, “Jurassic Park”). “2016” set new records in per capita per screen with sold out theaters across the US.

Calvin is currently living another dream – performing his compositions from his new release Paramount: The Symphony Sessions with orchestras worldwide and has performed in many major metropolitan areas with populations of millions. Recently recorded with members of the Taurida International Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg, Russia together with members of the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, Paramount is soulful new classic music that is loved by all.

Throughout his career, Calvin has kept a focused devotion to his music and the Creator that, he believes, gave him his talents in the first place.

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