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A Covenanted Christian Community of Family, Church and Civil spheres under the lordship and law of Christ  
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"The first consideration is to make the Colony a Christian community, ... in order that these persons become a salting salt in the Colony.... For that reason only Christians will be accepted of whom we may expect that they will gladly submit themselves to the Word of God, in order that not only a Christian church government but also a Christian civil government shall be established.  This will have as its task the execution of God's commandment, which is the basis of every state. "
- Albertus C. Van Raalte (regarding the communities he helped establish in the United States during the 1840s.  Holland, Michigan was one of these communities.)


Apostles Creed - 180-390 A.D. with scripture proofs

Nicene Creed - 325,381 A.D. with scripture proofs
Read Rushdoony's comments on the historical battle that was fought at the Council of Nicea and its ramifications on the church and civil realm.

Council of Chalcedon - 451 A.D. with scripture proofs



"Creedal Authority" - This is a chapter from Jonathan Seriah's book, "The End of All things: A defense of the Future". It is probably the best short explanation written of the relationship of the Bible to the Creeds, especially his section "Court and the Constitution" toward the end.