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A Covenanted Christian Community of Family, Church and Civil spheres under the lordship and law of Christ  
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Joe Morecraft on Martin Bucer - Bucer is one of the the least known of the reformers but probably one of the most influential. John Calvin was mentored by Bucer during Calvin's stay in Strassburg. Much of Calvin's Institutes are a reflection of Bucer's earlier work. John Knox as well gained much from Bucer. Did you know that both Bucer and Knox said that the civil magistrate MUST be a Christian? After all how could the civil government execute the first table of the law including capital punishment for open idolatry if he was not a Christian? This should make one stop and think. Just how exactly are you going to reconstruct a nation of constitutions which hold that all men (and women nowdays) are guaranteed the right to vote and hold office no matter what religion they hold to?? Supplanting the city of man is the key as you can't reconstruct a foundation where man is sovereign. Pagans don't take nicely to having their power to rule and make law taken from them. It won't work. See a sample of Bucer's "De Regno Christi" in the articles section for some hard core Christianity. After listening to Morecraft on Bucer you'll get a better idea why the neo-presbyterians of today ignore him.

Joe Morecraft on John Calvin - Geneva is arguably one of the best models of Christian community for modern times. All three spheres of family, church and civil realms are obedient to God's law-word. Notice, though John Calvin is not part of the civil realm, the city council of Geneva is obedient to God in obeying the first table of the law unlike virtually all civil realms before or after. As John Knox said concerning Geneva, "It was the most perfect school of Christ that ever was in the earth since the days of the apostles." In the first year of John Calvin's academy, over 900 men from all over Europe enrolled. From this academy graduates were sent worldwide in the 16th century even to Brazil. Enduring the hardships and opposition that Calvin did was difficult to say the least but the effects of the Christian Community that was built, were bigger than any single missionary work, church work, or civil work I know of. When you combine all three spheres under God, the results are indeed astronomic as we would expect from a true city on a hill.

Here are 2 sermons from Joe Morecraft on the effects of Scholasticism. Don't know what Scholasticism is? Better listen to these and you will see it's corrupting effects all around you though you probably never knew of them and where they came from.. Those who don't know the history of the church are destined to repeat the mistakes of those before them. Modern Christians are constantly blind sided by their ignorance of the church and it's creeds.

1. Joe Morecraft - The Danger of Medieval Scholasticism, Pt 1
2. Joe Morecraft - The Danger of Medieval Scholasticism, Pt 2

This sermon below by Tim Conway was preached this past week and caught my attention by what God proclaims about marriage and family that you definitely won't find in the pop marriage books out today. It will definitely challenge the modern idea held by many in the church today that the biological family takes precedence over the City of God. God alone gives us our marching orders.

Tim Conway - The Time is Short