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A Covenanted Christian Community of Family, Church and Civil spheres under the lordship and law of Christ  
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"Two Out of Three Isn't Bad, No it's Disastrous." - An examination of the requirements of 1 Corinthians 6 upon God's people today. This may be a paradigm shift for most regarding the civil realm.

"Don't Plant Churches, Build Covenant Communities" - Bojidar Marinov - Full orbed 3 sphered covenant communities is what defines the church as the people of God. As God's people, we are not merely members of the institution of worship on Sunday morning but a people separate from the world, the city of God in and among the world in community with others covenanted under the sovereignty of God in the institutions of the family, church and civil realms. Bojidar is the current leading reformed evangelist who continually hits the nail on the head of why modern Christianity fails to be relevant. A steady diet of his historically protestant ideas applied to today will transform your thinking and your vision and you will soon start thinking creedal covenant community. Check out the Audio section for more of Bojidar.

"Grammatical-Historical Interpretation and the
Authority of Scripture" - Paul McDade
- Pastor McDade blows the whistle on the unconfessional hermeneutic used predominantly today by most reformed pastors and scholars. He shows the Grammatical-Historical method of interpreting scripture to be what it really is - just another form of putting man in authority over God's word. The WCF is clear. Nothing but scripture is to be used to intrepret scripture.

"The Problem with Christian Reconstruction" - Paul McDade - Pastor McDade points to the fundamental problem of why the reconstruction movement has not gone anywhere. His analysis will point the reader in the right direction. No community can be had without the solution he points to.

"Creedal Culture" - Bojidar Marinov - Bojidar points to the inescapable conclusion that the creeds of the church define the culture of the City of God. There is no other objective truth to unite God's people but the creeds of the church beginning in Acts 15. Indeed the creeds DEFINE what Christian community truly is and thus are the foundation of all education.

"History Is Nothing More Than The Perfection Of The Creeds Over Time" - Bojidar Marinov - A follow up to "Creedal Culture" Bojidar points to the simple fact that history is a victorious march of God's truth applied over time reflected for man in the creeds of the true church. Why has the comman man been without this body of truth as the basis of his belief system? Good Question. We want to remedy this and soon.

De Regno Christi - Martin Bucer - Bucer was a great reformer in Strassburg who deserves to be better known. He was the chief influence on John Calvin. Listen to his admonition to Edward VI, King of England on enforcing BOTH tables of the law, as the law of Christ.

"Creedal Authority" - This is a chapter from Jonathan Seriah's book, The End of All things: A defense of the Future. It is probably the best short explanation of the relationship of the Bible to the Creeds written, especially his section "Court and the Constitution" toward the end.

RCUS Report - Women Voting in the Congregational Meeting - This is a report of the RCUS on "Women Voting in the Congregational Meeting". At it's heart is really the discussion of egalitarian vs patriarchal representation of the family. In a word, this is one major issue that will differentiate the church in history from the feminized compromised church of today.

Joe Morecraft on Anti-paedocommunion - Morecraft makes an exegetically sound case against paedocommunion in accordance with the creeds of the church. Paedocommunion ia a current deviation from the truth that has swept many into it's embrace through the heresy of federal visionism. Read this and you'll see yet another example of why going against the creeds is like kicking against the pricks.