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A Covenanted Christian Community of Family, Church and Civil spheres under the lordship and law of Christ  
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According to his [Martin Bucer’s] understanding, this Kingdom was the expression of the Kingship of Christ.  Regnum Christi meant for him the reign or rule of Christ as manifested in the life of mankind ordered according to Christ’s will as revealed in the Bible.  The true life is realizable only in a Christocracy, i.e., no man can live “well and happily,” except in a Christocratic society, i.e. a Christian commonwealth (republica Christiana) Which is shaped and dominated by the Christian Church and a Christian government.


We are a group of Christians who seek to live our lives as the saints of God did before us, in covenantal faithfulness to God in all three spheres God has given to man. The family is central and is the chief sphere where God placed man at creation and told him to have dominion over the earth. When man fell, he became totally depraved and lost communion with God and the family needed other institutions for accountability. Because of man's sinfulness God instituted the sphere of the church to be His agent of grace and the sphere of the civil realm to be His agent of justice on the earth as God's love to man.

These three institutions that God has given, when obedient to His law, provide accountability for man, keeping him from faltering as he runs the race of life to receive the crown of righteousness on that glorious day when Christ will come again to take us to be with Him to enjoy Him forever in eternity.