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"You FEEL his music"

Who IS he?

Dive into the extraordinary world of Calvin Jones, a musical maestro whose journey transcends notes on a page. 

From the age of 6, Calvin’s fingers danced across piano keys, refusing to be confined by the limits of sheet music. By 10, he was creating his own compositions. 

Music emanates from him shaped by his creator — music that goes beyond entertainment…

“My husband originally invited me to a Calvin Jones concert… and I wasn’t really excited about going… but Calvin’s music is not anything like anybody else’s.  

You experience his music.  There’s a truth in it.  There’s a peace – there’s a joy in everything that he does and he expresses music in a way that others don’t.  So I would recommend it to anybody.   

It’s life changing!”

"It's life-changing!"

You just found the intensely beautiful, melodic music of Calvin Jones.

Transporting music lovers of all ages and tastes, it is exhilaratingly therapeutic –  recharging both body and soul restoring peace and bringing healing and energy.

This is timeless music you will not want to end.

We’re glad you found us.

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