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Calvin Jones Paramount: The Symphony Sessions

Calvin Jones with the Taurida International Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Golikov

1. Carol of the Bellz (Calvin Jones, Orch. Evgeniy Braga, Calvin Jones, R.J. Miller)
2. Rachel’s Lullaby (Calvin Jones, Orch. R.J. Miller)
3. Winter Port (Calvin Jones, Orch. R.J. Miller)
4. October (Calvin Jones, Orch. R.J. Miller)
5. Compassion (Calvin Jones, Orch. R.J. Miller, Calvin Jones)
6. Celtic Joy (Calvin Jones, Nur Omurbaev)
7. Faith and Hope (Calvin Jones, Orch. Evgeniy Braga, Calvin Jones)
8. After the Conquest (Calvin Jones, Orch. Calvin Jones, Samuel Josen)
9. Whitewater Chopped Sticks (Calvin Jones, Orch. R.J. Miller)

All Compositions, Adaptations and Arrangements for Personal Records
Produced by Calvin Jones for Personal Records
Co-Produced by Serge Krutsenko

Recorded at:
Petersburg Recording Studio/St. Petersburg, Russia
      Engineer: Kira Malevskaia, Assistant Engineers: Viacheslav Meshalkin, Konstantin Bartov
UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Recording Studio/Los Angeles, USA
      Engineer: Ben Maas, Assistant Engineer: Andrew Keller
Valor Conservatory for the Arts/Denver, USA

Violin Solo on “Carol of the Bellz”: Mikhail Krutik, Concertmaster – St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra
Editing: Yevgeniy Bondarenko
Additional Production: Alex Steingardt
Cover Artwork: Jim Hanon
CD Design: Evgeniy Timofeev
Mixed by Stanislav Chornyi
Mastered at Ivaney Sound

My deepest thanks to all of the talented musicians worldwide without whose creative excellence, this release would never have happened. Many thanks to Mikhail Golikov and the Taurida International Symphony Orchestra for transforming dots on paper to such epic performances. Thanks to R.J. Miller, whose awesome orchestrations planted the seeds for this project, to Evgeniy Braga for his amazing symphony scores and to Nur Omurbaev for his energetic Celtic Joy orchestration. Thanks to Serge Krutsenko for his years of experience recording orchestras and to Stas for his superb mixes. Thanks to Shana Kirk at Yamaha, Bob Baker, Marty McGee and Valor for all of their help and support. Thanks to Kira and all at PRS Studios and Luis, Ben and Andrew at UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music studio for their recording expertise. Thanks to Lance, Mickie, Rolly and all those at the MAA for their help and support. Thanks to my beautiful wife Inga for all of her help and support and great ears. I love you! Most of all I thank my heavenly father for giving me a love for music and a desire to share it with others. Soli Deo Gloria.