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Calvin Jones, Concert and Recording Pianist

Welcome! Personal Records is pleased to offer the solo piano music of concert and recording artist Calvin Jones. Fresh, original music with strong melodic content, Calvin's unique style incorporates classical direction so often missing in much of today's instrumental music, while delivering haunting, memorable melodies with spaciousness and tranquility.

Calvin is the composer of "Whitewater Chopped Sticks" performed by Teresa Scanlan, Miss Nebraska, who won the Miss America Preliminary Talent Competition on Night Three of the Miss America 2011 pageant. Teresa then won the Miss America 2011 Pageant January 25th performing Calvin's special 90 second edited version thrilling some 14 million viewers on ABC TV with her blazing peformance.

Calvin is known in many circles as he has traveled the U.S. doing concerts from coast to coast for the past 20 years. As well as live concerts, he excels in doing soundtracks for film and TV.

Calvin was composer of the soundtrack for the documentary "2016: Obama's America" which became the 2nd highest grossing documentary at the box office ever at $36M. In its first week of release it was the number #1 grossing film!

He has also produced the music for Life Athletes (an organization of professional athletes promoting respect for life among teens), Promise Keepers, ATS Telecommunications, LifeMedia as well as Hallmark and McDonalds.

Calvin is now performing with chamber orchestras! View a sample of his concert with the Khelmintsky Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.

Check out Calvin's new release Dueling Pianos with special guest Teresa Scanlan - Miss America 2011 released January 17th worldwide on Sony/Provident. The best of Calvin's solo piano plus new recordings of Whitewater Chopped Sticks and other new favorites including Teresa's crown winning performance of Whitewater Chopped Sticks version and the haunting "After All" with vocals by Teresa.

What's New?
Watch a sample of Calvin's concert video with Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra in Khmelnitsky Ukraine!
Check out Calvin's new music for the "America" teaser trailer
Watch and vote on the new Calvin and Teresa Dueling Pianos video - then forward to 10 friends!
Ninety Second Pageant Edit of Whitewater Chopped Sticks now available for digital download.
Miss Nebraska Wins Miss America with Calvin's Whitewater Chopped Sticks!

Calvin on Youtube

Dueling Pianos

Calvin and Teresa at Brush Creek Ranch, WY.

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Whitewater Chopped Sticks is a hit on YouTube.Com! Here are some examples:

Teesh WWCS
Lauren Jones (not a relative!) playing Whitewater Chopped Sticks for the Miss Nephi Pageant for the talent portion. 
Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"This is Calvin Jones's song White Water Chopped Sticks. My sister performed it for the Miss Nephi pageant and won. She says it's the most fun she's ever had with a piano solo and she absolutely loves it." - compyvirus

"Lauren Jones, daughter of David H. and Sally Jones, was crowned Miss Nephi 2010 at the pageant held March 16, 2010.... Miss Jones performed a piano solo entitled “Whitewater Chopped Sticks” by Calvin Jones.... As Miss Nephi, Jones received an $800 scholarship, dress and day wear, crown, banner, jewelry and flowers plus many gift certificates from local businesses..." - Rebecca Dopp, Times-News Correspondent, Nephi, Utah.

Teesh WWCS
Teesh playing Whitewater Chopped Sticks for the Miss Sidney/Southwest Outstanding Teen Pageant for the talent portion.  "I ended up winning Miss Sidney Outstanding Teen."
Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"Totally the best version I've seen on youtube! :) Good Job!"
- Angie3305

"Good job! Where did you find the music for this?" - cleken

"Oh my gosh this is amazing!! I'm entering a pageant and I would love to play this song but I can't find it anywhere, where did you find this song?"
- candytumbler

[candytumbler (Candace Wride) eventually found us and got the music then went on to win the talent competition in her local Jr. Miss Pageant on June 17, 2009!]

Candace WWCS

    I just wanted to personally thank you for writing Whitewater Chopped sticks.  I entered a Pageant called Jr. Miss which is a pageant made for only juniors in High School.  There were 15 girls competing and I wanted to find a song to play that had personality.  While looking around at some videos on youtube I came across your song being played and completely fell in love with it!  I was able to order it and had a blast learning it! My family would joke around with me because I would play it so much. I became addicted to playing it because it was so much fun...The night of the pageant I went out on stage and put my all into it.  With this song I won the talent portion of the pageant out of 15 very talented young ladies and was rewarded with scholarship money! This song has so much personality and is so showy that the judges and audience loved it like I did.  There are many people who have come to me and asked me where I found this song because they want to learn it themselves so I would love to get copies of it to music stores around here.  Thank you so much for composing such a wonderful song!!
- Candace Wride :)

Teesh WWCS
Tommyguy1988 playing Whitewater Chopped Sticks..."In my senior talent show at my high school, a fellow piano playing classmate in the talent show with me asked that I turn pages for him. This piece was what he was performing. I was so facinated with this version of Chopsticks that I began to learn just from watching him. So I learned this piece without ever seeing any music for it. And I've remembered it over 4 years. This is a perfect example of what happens when boredom and video cameras come together..."
Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"One of the best playings I've heard of this, and amazing that you never saw the music for it - it's a complicated song! Anyway, good job on making it clean and a good speed :) I am impressed!"
- joyfuljenilee

Emily WWCS
Emily Coll sweeping a glissando and winning first place at Edison HS talent show!
Watch the YouTube Video


Andy scorching the keys with Whitewater Chopped Sticks at the Summit 2007 Talent Show.
Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"haha that was great." - forensicsguy88

Janna WWCS
Superstar Janna nailing the left hand of Whitewater Chopped Sticks. Over 70 viewers commented on her video and it has been viewed 38,235 times!
Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"If anybody know the name of the arranger, I would very pleased to know it and learn to play it....even if it's require me 8 years :p"
- araviski

"That's so great! no, no, no. AMAZING!"
- LOLx2Kawaii

"Anyone know where I can get a copy of this version? Free or otherwise? Or if it has a specific name? Thanks  Nice job by the way." - heyamy09

"Oh my goodness!! That's NOT the version I expected!! AMAZING!!!!!"
- oMgitsRACHELx

"WHOA that was awesome....fantastic!"
- gummydropbutton


Harmony WWCS
Fifteen-year-old Harmony playing Whitewater Chopped Sticks from the old version of sheet music!
Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"Woah...that's awesome" - barney360



Sarah WWCS
Sarah playing Whitewater Chopped Sticks. Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"This is by far my favorite song on the piano! :D"
- LightningWarrior

"Well done! Heard this years ago through Vision Forum Christian Film Festival. Where can I find the sheet music to this?"
- cleken


Marissa WWCS
Marissa playing an improvised version of Whitewater Chopped Sticks!
Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"I love this song. I was staying at a friend's house and he played it for me and I was totally shocked. It is amazing!"
- musicman2410

Charity WWCS
Charity playing Whitewater Chopped Sticks before a wedding.
Watch the YouTube Video

Viewers said. . .

"Very well played !!" - araviski

"Way to go, Char! :)" - lapianissimo

The solo piano music of Calvin Jones reaches people of all ages and backgrounds. Here's what people are saying:
[Calvin's] music doesn't sound like John Tesh or Yanni. It has more substance.

- E.W.
Piano Teacher
Cheyenne, WY

"In July a friend invited me to a craft fair, and even though I knew I couldn't buy anything, because I was living on a shoestring, I went. That's when I first heard your song, 'Uncharted Waters.' I stood at a booth and listened to it over and over, and despite my not having a cent to spare, I knew I had to have that CD. I took it home, and enjoyed it thoroughly..." - N.C. Denver, CO
"'Magical. It [Whitewater Chopped Sticks] made me want to dance like snoopy." - M.R. Denver, CO
"I gave my father a CD player for Fathers Day and when I played Danny Boy [Londonderry Falls] for him, he cried, and then we all had a good cry. I have truly enjoyed travelling with you through high places, and can't wait to see you play." - J.M. Oswego, NY
"In the line of work that I do there are dangers I encounter daily. I find your music very relaxing after a day in the sky. Every night I fall asleep to it on the ship. I love your music!"

- Capt. D. D., Attack Pilot - USMC Newbern, NC

"This is the fourth copy of this tape I've bought! [Calvin Jones, Through High Places] One will be a Christmas present for my sister in Washington state, the other two are getting worn out in Tucson and Omaha, and this, the fourth, is mine to get others hooked. The music has been a real blessing and a healing, soothing balm." - C.S. Fort Collins, CO
"July, I drove alone from Florida to Hillsdale, MI .... My whole point in writing to tell you all this is that "Through High Places" accompanied me on my trip and even though I had several other tapes along which I listened to and enjoyed, it was your music that I played almost continuously. In fact, I wondered if I would wear it out!!!" - M.U. Student - Osprey, FL
My job in life can be very stressful and hectic. There are many times when I come home after work and I need a haven where I can feel peaceful and relaxed. Your music calms my spirit and puts things into perspective again for me. Sometimes it brings me to tears and other times I experience joy. At any rate, I am thankful that I can be soothed when I hear your beautiful music." - P.H. Banking - Pierre, SD
"Your music has enlightened both of us for years and we owe much of our love for music to you." - C.T.B. Chef - Orange City, IA
"I am also a pianist, and don't get to hear others play that often .... Sometimes I get tired of hearing pianists playing 'other people's music' ... So I thank you heartily for sharing your music with us. It is refreshing and encouraging." - S.K. Pianist - Everett, WA
"I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed the unique arrangements on this album. I love his touch, his style, and the deep feeling that is in every song. ...Every time I listen to my tape I have this great urge to be able to sit down and play the songs for myself [with our sheet music, now you can!]. I love the music!" - A.G. Music Teacher - Averill Park, NY
"Recently a dear friend of mine, M.K., shared with me one of her most treasured possessions, which happened to be your tape "Through High Places." She told me what an inspirational blessing your music has been in her life. M.K. is a very special, courageous person. She is a 42 year old mother of three, battling both cancer and heart problems. Faced with the harsh reality that she won't live many more years, M.K. finds a peaceful haven away from her illness, in your music. Your songs uplift her spirit in her darkest moments by providing hope and tranquility. I want to thank you for sharing your musical talent with the world and touching so many lives with your beautiful gift of song." - A.A. California, MO
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